Last updated: Oct 3rd, 2018


What is Pàdé?

Pàdé is a unified communications web browser extension for Openfire Meetings

Why this name?

Pàdé (the "p" is pronounced explosively) is the Yoruba word for "Meet" and is formerly named Openfire Meetings Chrome Extension.

How to install Pàdé?

To install Pàdé, visit the Chrome Web Store

Is Pàdé available on all web browsers?

Pàdé is currently only available from the Chrome Web Store for Google Chrome. Other browser versions are coming soon.

I use Firefox, does that mean I can't use Pàdé?

Pàdé is implemented as a browser extension and requires Chrome installed on your desktop, but you can continue to use Firefox, Edge or Safari as your main browser. Pàdé runs as a desktop application using Chrome in the background. You don't need the Chrome window open to use Pàdé.

What do I need to use Pàdé?

You need the following:

How to configure Pàdé for my Openfire server?

In order to configure Pàdé to your Openfire server, refer to these step-by-step instructions.

How to implement Single Sign On (SSO) for Windows Enterprise Users?

We invite you to follow the guideline here to make it possible.

Notifications are not showing?

Check the native notifications for your O/S and on Windows PCs, also check Focus Assist