Last updated: Sept 28th, 2018

Auto Start


In order to start communicating with someone, you first need to add them as a contact.

Adding a Contact

To do this, first open the Pàdé Converse window if not already opened. Next, click the Add a contact link in the Contacts tab.


This will open a popup window in which you can type the username of the person you'd like to add.

Remember, an XMPP username (also called a JID or Jabber ID) is similar to an email address, in that you have both the user's handle and the domain name of the enterprise, separated with an @ sign.


Once you've typed the username and clicked submit, your request will be sent to this person. If they are online, they will immediately be notified of your request, otherwise they'll see it next time they come online.

Technically, when you add someone as a contact, you're doing two things. Firstly, you are adding the contact to your roster (think of it as an address book) and secondly you are asking to be notified whenever that person comes online.

The person you are adding as a contact has the option to either accept or decline your request. Until that decision has been made, they will appear in your roster as a so-called pending contact. In other words, their final status is pending on whether they accept or decline your request.

If the person accepts your contact request, they will get a chat status indicator in your roster and will also become clickable. Clicking on the name of the user will open a chatbox in which you can then start chatting with that user.

Removing a Contact

To remove a contact, hover your mouse over their name and then click on the trash icon. You will be prompted to confirm, and if you do, the contact will no longer be visible in your contacts list.


Making a SIP Phone Call

In order to make telephone calls, first confirm that your system administrator has enabled a SIP phone for your account. Next, you right click the applications icon to select Options and then Applications. Scroll down to Phone and enable SIP Phone.


This will activate your SIP Phone which will register with the FreeSWITCH PBX allocated to your user account.


Go back to Applications from Options. You should now see a new entry labelled Phone. Select it to open the SIP Phone window.


Enter your destination number and press Enter to make the telephone call.


Use external apps in Pàdé

Pàdé has a set of built-in external applications that you can use at your ease like their native version.

In order to make it work with any built-in external apps, read on to set it up.

  • Go in Options configuration
  • screenshot
  • In the control panel, click on Applications tab
  • screenshot
These steps are applied for all the existing applications.

Office 365 Business

You can use Office 365 Business by checking the first box


Once done, you can now launch it by hiting the Office 365 Business option located in the Applications dropdown like in the below picture.


A new Chrome window will be prompted that will invite you to login on Office 365 Business. There you go!


Office 365 Personal

Same steps are applied here. You just have to check the corresponding box in the Applications tab


Skype web and Whatsapp web

Same steps are applied here. Enable it by checking the "Auto Start Hosted Apps" box on. As it's predefined in the below input box, it will set both Skype web and Whatsapp web. If you want one of the two, you just have to delete the web.xxx.com address of the other one.



Same steps are applied here. Enable it by checking the box on and the list of email accounts.



If you want your enabled applications to be launched automatically on the computer startup, check the "Auto Start Hosted Apps" on and it will be applied to all enabled applications. For me, as shown in the picture, four applications (Office 365 Business and Personal, Skype web and Whatsapp web) will be automatically launched on the computer startup.